Learn how you can use the UndocuPeers: Liberating Campus Climate Curriculum at Your School!

UndocuPeers: Liberating Campus Climate—a four hour interactive certification training program that seeks to increase the educational success of undocumented immigrants alongside undocumented students themselves. Particularly, this training is meant to provide the tools necessary to begin or continue conversations on how to better support and work alongside undocumented immigrant students by streamlining departmental support and resources across the institution.

Ultimately, the goal of the training is to change institutional policy and increase the advocacy around resources within high schools, colleges and universities that support the success of undocumented students throughout their educational careers. On one hand, institutionalizing UndocuPeers ensures that current and future educators are well-informed when working alongside undocumented immigrants. On the other, UndocuPeers helps undocumented students identify educator activists on campus who will support and work alongside them to transform a campus into one that understands undocumented students’ experiences and celebrates all students.

Check out the our 3-page UndocuPeers Factsheet for more information.

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