Mental Health Toolkit

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Every day, our community is under attack by Trump’s administration, racist lawmakers and the voices of white supremacists who make it their job to terrorize our families. When we wake up in the morning, go out to work, eat,study, and even sleep, the constant fear and anxiety that we carry is slowly inhibiting us from living and thriving in our lives and constantly pushes our families to be in “survival mode.” We at United We Dream say “no more living in fear, no more in living in the shadows, and no more living under under unhealthy stress.” As a network, we must address the mental health of our community and transform it with love.The United We Dream UndocuHealth Project was started to facilitate the incorporation and daily practice of self-love, community healing, and wellness when organizing in times of trouble, turbulence, and chaos. We acknowledge that much of our community is under heavy pressure, high levels of anxiety, depression, panic, and in a state of physiological and psychological distress. If not treated and transformed, this can lead much of our community to be burnt-out and inhibit us from thriving and breaking our chains in pursuit of liberation. The UndocuHealth Project will allow organizers and community members to come up with innovative ideas to keep our community healthy and align our minds, bodies, emotions, and energies to keep fighting for the dignity and respect our communities and families deserve as beautiful human beings.

About the Toolkit

The UndocuHealth Project Emergency Toolkit was designed to alleviate not only the stress and anxiety of folks across the nation and keep ours families secure, but also to give the reader tools that will allow them to conduct safe zone events and incorporate stress reducing activities within their community work and daily lives.

The first section titled The Seven Steps to Keep Calm & Continue Organizing is designed to give you a step by step process in how to set up a safe zone for your community and how to follow up with simple healing events. The 101 Mindfulness Breathing section is for you to explore the power of breathing through meditation and use it in the your group before and after organizing such as events and/or meetings. Under Mental Health Resources you will find a list of online resources that address. Under Fight or Flight vs Rest and Digest you will find the correlations between trauma and the physical effects of stress.